Top Quality Gutters & Roofing in Shawnee KS

ROOFING & GUTTERS (DL JPG)Every home needs a well-designed and fully functioning roofing system to protect it from the weather. A good roof will keep your home and family safe and dry, keeping water, wind, hail, snow, ice, and anything else our Kansas and Missouri climate can throw at it from penetrating into your home. At Diamond Contracting we install only the highest quality roofing and gutter materials, making us a leading choice for both gutters and roofing in Shawnee KS and the entire Kansas City area.

Quality Roofing Materials, Professional Installation
The roofing materials we install are manufactured by GAF Corporation, one of our nation’s leading producers of quality roofing materials. Diamond Contracting is fully certified to install GAF materials on local homes and our roofers have been factory-trained in the latest advances in GAF materials and installation techniques. When you hire us to install a roofing or gutter system onto your Kansas home, you can be sure the installation will be performed by one of the best roofing contractors Overland Park KS and the local area has to offer.

Diamond Contracting has deep experience in all sizes and types of roofing systems. We can meet any challenge, from a steep slope roof to a large flat roof. Our goal is always the same: to install a roof that will reliably and consistently protect you and your family for decades.

Gutters Complete the System
No matter how solid our roofing materials and installations are, if your gutter system does not function properly then your roof will not be able to do its job. That is why Diamond Contracting also installs durable gutter systems. Our gutter systems are expertly designed to direct water away from your home, eliminating the dangers of water damage. In addition, we can install a Gutter Defender system that will keep debris such as leaves and dirt from clogging your gutters. At Diamond Contracting we have all the skills and tools necessary in order for you to get the most from your new or existing roofing system.

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